In order for us to help you in the best possible way, we have listed the most common questions that occur … these questions are designed to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

1)      When would you like the wine in your country – time frame until first shipment

2)      What volume of wine are you looking at importing?

3)      What Variety … or varieties?

4)      What style is preferred?

    • Red, White, Fortified
    • Dry, Medium dry, Medium sweet, Sweet
    • Light Body, Medium Body, Full Body
    • Fruity, Spicy, Complex
    • Etc.

5)      What quality range are you seeking: –

    • Cheaper Commercial Quality?
    • Good Quality?
    • Premium High Quality?
    • Rare Museum Quality?

6)      Do you have your own label

    • Would you like us to design your own label for you?
    • Are you importing our label on the wines?

7)  Is the wine to be bottled in Australia? Or imported in bulk and bottled overseas?

8)  Are you licensed to import wine or do you have a licensed importer?

9)  Do you have a preferred shipper?  or would you like us to provide you with a shipping quote

10)  What is your expected buying price (per bottle)?

Inquiries can be made to or use the Contact Us page